The aim of the institute is to train highly qualified specialists based on the requirements of state compulsory education standards, educational and methodological and scientific support of the educational process that meets modern society requirements.

The training of engineering personnel is based on the time-tested principles of fundamental natural science training in junior courses and targeted training in senior courses, taking into account the requirements of the leading industrial mining center of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Kazakhmys Corporation - and extensive experience in improving the academic process, faculty composition of Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University.

Model and content of engineering education at the institute involves the preparation of not just a bachelor, but a specialist of a qualitatively new type, a researcher who can solve technical problems at a high level.

One of the effective methods for the official recognition of the quality of educational services is the implementation and subsequent certification of the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Based on the results of certification audits of Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University, certificates were received from the Russian Register and IQNet.

The industrial base for internships by students of MTI specialties are enterprises of the Kazakhmys Corporation, Zhairem MPP, JSC Kazakhtelecom, administrative halls, courts, prosecutors, banks and other state, financial and private institutions. During their studies and practical training, students master necessary working professions with the assignment of qualification categories and the receipt of appropriate certificates.

The high demand for our graduates is confirmed by the fact that a large majority of them are employed in accordance with the acquired profession. Our graduates are currently heads and employees of departments of the Kazakhmys Corporation, Zhairem MPP, KazTransOil and government bodies. Students of the institute actively participate in CFIP, debate club, amateur performances, sports and other events.

The main priorities in the training of specialists for our region are:

  • high competitiveness of personnel in market conditions (good theoretical knowledge, creative approach to solving tasks, competent and timely fulfillment of their duties);
  • training specialists who are able to work effectively with the latest technologies (the ability to service the latest types of equipment);
  • the possibility of retraining personnel for manufacturing enterprises and public services (holding retraining courses to service new equipment, proficiency enhancement of engineering and technical workers, etc.).

Academic activities at the institute are carried out in the most prestigious and popular in our region 15 bachelor's degrees and 2 master's degrees:

  • 6В04101 - Economics;
  • 6В04103 - Financial management and banking business; 
  • 6В04201 - Law;
  • 6В07101 - Automation and control;
  • 6В07103 - Technologicalmachines andequipment;
  • 6В07104 - Electric power engineering;
  • 6В07106 - Transport, transportequipment and technology;
  • 6В07203 - Mining;
  • 6В07201 - Geology and exploration of mineral deposits;
  • 6В07204 - Development of mineral deposits;
  • 6В07205 - Innovative methods of mineral raw materials and technogenic waste processing;
  • 6В07206 - Metallurgy
  • 6В07301 - Construction;
  • 6В11301 - Management of transportation, traffic and maintenance of vehicles;
  • 6В11201 - Health and Safety and Environment Protection;
  • 7M07201/7М07205 - Mining (Master’s degree);
  • 7М04101/7М04102 - Economics (Master’s degree).

The Quality Management System in our university will allow our graduates with a diploma from Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University to work in their speciality in 34 countries of the world where this system is already operational.

History of formation

The history of the Mining and Technological Institute begins with the opening of the evening department of the Karaganda Polytechnical Institute in Zhezkazgan in 1961. The commissioning of ore industrial facilities (mines, processing plant No. 1, the start of construction of a copper smelting plant and other facilities) required the leadership of the Republic to provide them with engineering personnel. It was decided to open the Evening Department of the Karaganda Polytechnical Institute in Zhezkazgan on the basis of a training and advisory center. The first dean was appointed candidate of technical sciences Kolobochkin M.S., the first deputy dean was a senior teacher Edenbaev B.E. «Mining machines and equipment, «Electrical supplying of industrial enterprises», «Industrial and civil construction».

Scientific and methodological guidance training was carried out by the head institute. Large scholars, experienced teachers from Karaganda constantly came to conduct the educational process. In 1967, engineers graduated for the first time on the basis of the general technical faculty.

To enhance the economic and social growth of the Zhezkazgan-Ulytau industrial region in 1973, the leadership of the Republic decided to organize a new Zhezkazgan region. The party leadership of the new region understood that without ensuring the production of highly qualified specialists, the tasks set to raise the economy of the region are difficult to achieve. Therefore, one of the first steps was the organization of a network of educational institutions, including higher technical schools.

The rector of the Karaganda Polytechnical Institute, Hero of Socialist Labour, Academician A.S. Saginov, who constantly paid attention to strengthening the teaching staff of the general technical faculty, sent teachers with academic degrees and titles to Zhezkazgan greatly helped in this matter.

It is difficult to imagine a higher technical school without its leaders, who were responsible for the formation and development of departments, faculties and the university as a whole.

At different times, experienced scientists and teachers worked at the institute:

Academics and corresponding members of the Academies of Sciences: A. Takishov- Academic of IIA, PhD., Professor; Sakenov M.D., - CTS, professor at Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University; Erkonyr A.K., corresponding member ALSEP, Akhmetbekova A.M., corresponding member ALSEP.

Directors of institutes and deans of faculties: Kolobochkin M.S., Sapargaliev, Tusupbaev M.D., Mukatov T.M., Novikov M.E., Kuatbekov A.M., Dyagterev R.A., Urumov S.T., Baybatchaev A.A., Khusainov A.T., Satekov B.S., Mustakhimov A.T., Urumova N.G., Kishauov K.S., Auezov M.T., Rybalkin Yu.D., Igisinov S.T., Takishov A.A., Makashev B.K., Sarsembaev D.Zh.

Professors, candidates of sciences: Arinov E.B., Takishov A.A., Temirbaeva G.R., Suleimenov T.B., Kapsalyamov B.A.

Professors of Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University, associate professors, candidates of sciences: Zhaysanbaev N.A., Abiev B.K., Sakenov M.D., Zholdybaev Sh.S., Ospanov A.N., Lyan O.V., Sarsembaev D.Zh., Shynbergenova K.T., Khamitova G.Zh., Erkonyr A.K., Mukhambedin M.A., Boranbai M.R., Birimzhanov S.K., Daukenova G.A., Kundakova L.R., Nurtazinova A. S., Akhmetbekova A.M., Kryazheva T.V., Karataev A.D., Baikonurov E.G.

Senior teachers: Kudasheva A.F., Kabasova Zh.K., Kasenova R.P., Abdrakhmanova A.K., Karibzhanova S.A., Ukibaeva G.K., Dosetova G.Zh. and many others.