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International Women's Day at the Zhezkazgan University by name O.A. Baikonurov

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День Самоуправления

 в гуманитарно-педагогическом институте


In 1st of March, 2017 year was celebrated Thanksgiving day at Students Palace of O.A.Baikonurov Zhezkazgan University. 

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One of the main threats to the security of the population in the modern world is the threat of terrorism and religious extremism. As the modern situation in the world shows, for human beings, human life has no value. Therefore, in order to prevent the threat of religious extremism and terrorism, it is necessary to hold a set of advance measures.

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In 31st jf January, 2017 year was meeting with a group of propagandists to discuss the President's of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev's Address to the Nation of Kazakhstan at Students Palace of O.A Baikonurov Zhezkazgan University. 

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13 февраля 2017 года в  гуманитарно-педагогическом институте Жезказганского  университета  имени О.А.Байконурова прошло обсуждение Послания Президента Республики Казахстан Н.Назарбаева народу Казахстана. «Третья модернизация Казахстана: глобальная конкурентоспособность».

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